August’s Offer: Half Price MS Evaluation (30,000 words+)

For the next week I’m offering a steal of a deal to the first three who respond: 50% off a manuscript evaluation. Evaluations provide feedback on the shape, pace, dialogue, plot, use of language, character development and so on – all those readerly things. Are you wondering why your book just doesn’t seem to work? Why publishers are passing on it? An evaluation may be in order.

The evaluation does not provide any line-by-line editing or correcting, though problems areas will be pointed out. Essentially, it’s a read-through by a sharp-eyed reader.

Cost? I usually charge by this formula: word count divided by 100, divided by 2 (so 50,000 words, for example, would be $250); cut that in half, and that’ s my offer.

Act fast!

“Mini Edit” Offer Till August 1 (now extended)

Aren’t sure your work needs much editing? Perhaps you’re wondering if the piece is even worth being edited? Maybe you’re curious about how the editing process works, or wondering if my edits would ‘click’ with your style? Heck, maybe you can’t afford editing on a longer project, but would like the opening, or ending, made lustrous, or maybe you’ve a nice little short story wanting attention before being sent alone into the publishing world? With these questions in mind, I present the Mini Edit. It’s a normal, real-life edit, but… smaller.

For $50 you receive line-by-line editing on 10 double-spaced pages (or up to 2500 words)  plus notes on the piece highlighting its strengths while pointing out what would make it stronger.

This limited-time offer is for fiction and non-fiction works only, as poetry is more time-intensive (contact me for poetry rates).  *Note: offer is now a permanent part of my services. See here.

Maybe it will be the start of a wonderful working relationship. Operators are standing by.

Fruits of Labour

It’s a thrill when a book you’ve worked on sees publication. In some cases, the book-to-be is only a concept when the client and I meet; in other cases, it’s a manuscript almost ready for publication. In all cases, you have notes, printed pages, files and drafts in Word and hours and hours of thought and care: what will make this the best book it can be?  In the image below are just five that I’ve worked on.

From left to right: Motché perfect: Le chiac en poésie by Anne Levesque (I consulted, edited and did layout), Serendipity, Judy Savoie (consult, edit, layout and design), Beyond the Call: The Life and Legacy of Mark Gallagher, Rosemarie Willis & Warren Redman (consult and layout), Get More Power from Your Brain, Eileen Pease (copyedit), Hearts of Oak: A Gaelic Legacy, Gail Crawford (copyedit), and Baby Jonah: The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom, Lidia Branch (consult, edit).

Lee Thomson Editing