I have had the pleasure of working with Lee as a first-time author for my two children’s books, Molly the Perfectly Imperfect Dog and Gertrude the Great. Lee helped me through the editing process from very rough drafts to the polished end result. His talented expertise helped me through every step of the writing process to publishing, including book design and creation of a website. Lee has been a great person to work with, very thorough and kind and in the end produced the books exactly as I had envisioned. I was especially grateful for his advice through all of the stages as a first-time author. I would recommend Lee to any writer and am looking forward to working with him on future projects.

Jennifer McMullin, author, Molly the Perfectly Imperfect Dog, Gertrude the Great

It was my good fortune to be recommended to Lee Thompson — an established author, editor, and book designer. Upon first impressions, I considered how readily he had accommodated my needs as a non-sighted writer. There are many who would not have recognized the visual practices of coloured highlights, or text in the margins as being ineffective when communicating with blind individuals. And yet, intuitively, Lee adapted his correspondence wherein my talking computer, Moses, could easily read to me his careful advice and attention to detail. Lee, thank you for coaching me on how to be a better writer, and making I Feel Your Stare evolve into what it has become today.

Cheryl Gillespie, author, I Feel Your Stare

I believe that any serious writer should seek editorial services if they are indeed serious about making a great impression. A professional editor delivers something that a writer, no matter how great/terrible they are at editing their own work, cannot mimic. Take Lee for example. This is a veteran of the trade, intelligent, insightful, always understanding and beyond that, his keen eye is simply mesmeric. He makes you feel welcomed, as if you are sitting in your own home discussing much re-visited subjects you enjoy returning to with the closest of your friends. There is no sterility, a clinical feeling; there is no coldness of larger companies with their various employees and cubicles Kafka would undoubtedly have something to say about. This is different. There is a personal humanistic touch. A touch which is very hard to find in this business. You might not always agree with Lee, and that is fine because this is always a collaboration at the end of the day and not a one-sided business transaction. His commentary and detailed explanation behind every change or proposed change is something that is rarely found or offered by most editors. He tells you exactly what he is thinking, what he feels needs to be changed or re-written or added-to to elevate your dream project and secure optimal author satisfaction. You will never find this with larger companies known for their higher rates and impersonal dealings and if you think they will write comments in the document explaining why passages changed, I imagine you to be a great dreamer which is fine for the creative side of this business but not so much for the completedness of projects or getting them out there for purchase. The general idea here beyond business, money changing hands, is to take your work and polish, perfect and improve upon what is already there, to make sure you are dressed in your best tuxedo for that posh dinner party with Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal in attendance exchanging sidelong glances.

To summarize: You cannot go wrong with Lee D. Thompson’s editorial services.

Nick Voro, author: Conversational Therapy: Stories and Plays

I am deeply grateful for Lee’s amazing editing work to help my dream of publishing come true!  Lee has performed and delivered at lightning speed, helping me quickly find a publisher for my timely book entitled Working from Home for a Harmonious Life.  Almost all authors need an editor to bring their books to the world, and you would be extremely fortunate to be able to work with Lee!

Luc Desroches, author Working from Home for a Harmonious Life

Lee took on the proofreading task for my debut science fiction/fantasy novel within short timeframes and did an excellent job. He is thoughtful, friendly, professional, and has an amazing attention to detail. Throughout the process he was responsive and answered my questions, while sharing his knowledge and expertise, and providing sound advice. I would definitely recommend Lee to other writers and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Hannah D. State, author Journey to the Hopewell Star

“I began working on my first book A Prison For The Mind – Reflections of a Disappointed Fundamentalist many years ago. It’s the story of my experiences as a minister in a fundamentalist Christian sect and my journey out of it. When the manuscript was first submitted to Lee for initial editing in 2018,  I thought I was finished. A lot has happened since then. Lee’s  input has resulted in a substantial re-working and re-evaluation of my approach. Lee has been a great support in this, as much coach as editor.  Through  it all, I have learned a great deal and become a much better writer and  I have Lee to thank for this.

prison front cover charles

 In addition to a fine eye for detail, Lee also has an outstanding strategic sense and a very clear overview.  As a lawyer by training, I know how easy it is to get lost in detail. The truly great ones in law are those who can retain vast amounts of detail while still grasping what is important or significant.  Although not a lawyer, Lee has these same qualities which I admire most in my own profession.

Lee first commented, in a kindly but truthful way, that my initial attempt was long on analysis but short on the personal; which, after all, was the promise inherent in the title.  Although not requiring a “major overhaul”, he said, I have nevertheless had the good sense to make substantial changes and additions and this has made a big difference.  Lee is a true professional both as editor and author. I have read two of his books which have both entertained and inspired.  I am inspired to try my hand at fiction next time.

In addition to being an outstanding editor and author, Lee is also a whiz at technology and promotion. He is currently helping me develop a blog site: aprisonforthemind.blog.”

Adrian Charles Smith, author A Prison for the Mind: Reflections of a Disappointed Fundamentalist


“Writing Danny & MJ was a labour of love.  These two characters had been living in my head for years when I decided to put it on paper.  Deciding to publish, now that was a totally different ballgame.  As a first-time published author, not knowing what to do or where to go next,  I stalled the process, doing corrections and rewrites on my own… until the name Lee Thompson was brought to my attention.

Lee meticulously went through my manuscript twice before we started dissecting it into the finished project it has become.  From the moment I signed up for his services, up to my book launch, Lee was there.  He kindly coached me through this maze, patiently answered all my questions, calmed my fears, and cheered me on.  It’s as if he was holding my hand while I learned the world of publishing.  His advice was spot on, making me see the story from a fresh set of eyes.  The vast amount of emails we exchanged is a testimony to the dedication he put into my book.

The talent Mr. Thompson has been blessed with reflects on all the projects he commits to.  I will definitely seek his professional services again.”

Suzanne Casey, author Danny & MJ


“I want to thank you, Lee, for editing my first book, In the Dark of Winter. I was apprehensive at first, having never worked with an editor, but you put my mind at ease right away. I have come to believe what everyone says about you: you’re a talented editor and the best around. During the editorial process, I have picked up a lot through your edits and re-writes. And I will never forget how you always backed up any chanhttps://www.amazon.ca/Dark-Winter-Monique-Thébeau/dp/1999207807/ges you made with an explanation or a piece of treasured advice, allowing me to improve my writing skills. I can’t thank you enough!”

Monique Thébeau, author In the Dark of Winter


“Publishing my first book Forgotten was a labor of love. My friend ‘T’, diagnosed with cancer, told me about a dream he had about a man who wakes from a coma and does not know who he is. So he travels across Canada searching for his identity and becomes homeless. I realized I had something to say, something to share, and I decided to write his story. I turned to Lee to edit and later design my book. He supported me when I doubted my writing skills. He also knew there was an urgency on this book due to ‘T’s cancer diagnosis (the book is dedicated to ‘T’). Throughout the editing and design process Lee was professional, caring and supportive. He helped me navigate the foreign (to me) world of getting it ready for printing. He was/is always there for any questions I have. Lee’s support and belief in my book helped me become a first-time author. If you want someone who is kind, sympathetic as well as being professional, Lee is the person to turn to.”

Louise Boulter, author, Forgotten

“One of the hardest aspects of writing is overcoming subjectivity. Hiring Lee to read and assess my novel helped to overcome this problem since Lee is not only a skilled editor, but is able to provide his comments in a way that encourages a writer’s objectivity. Lee provided a chapter-by-chapter analysis of my novel, including his assessment of what worked, what didn’t and suggestions for improvements. First, I knew by his synopsis that he had read the novel thoroughly and understood what I was trying to achieve. His comments on dialogue, plot pace and voice were specific and not only improved this book but helped me to look at my writing in a new way. Most important, his insightful thoughts on gaps in the story led me to discover story areas and directions that had previously eluded me but waited just below the surface to be discovered. Thanks to Lee I am now in the last stages of a final draft and almost ready to submit the novel to some of the publishers he suggested.  I have realized that obtaining the services of a professional editor is one of the most important steps a writer can take – Lee’s confidence and skill made this part of the process painless and productive!”

Jane Tims, author, painter


“Lee edited my first novel and helped me through the process, answering my many many questions. He was responsive and easy to communicate with, which is key when working remotely. Most importantly, to critique someone else’s work and improve on it, while still making them feel good about what they’ve done, that’s an art. Lee does it beautifully.”

CarolAnne Black, author of Oli’s Ocean Adventures

“Even though we’ve only met by email, I’ve enjoyed working with you, and your work massively improved the story.” – Acknowledgements, Oli’s Ocean Adventures

“The short story I sent Lee had a particularly challenging narrative (told from the POV of someone in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s who was drifting in and out of reality). I found Lee to be very sensitive to the story’s tone and rhythms. Not only was he able to suggest obvious improvements, but his instincts about deleting certain sections resulted in a tighter structure, which sharpened the story’s drama. I would be very happy to bring more of my work to him in the future.”

Steven Mayoff, author of Our Lady of Steerage & Fatted Calf Blues

Blank white book w/path

“When I was half way done with my book, Baby Jonah, The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom, my publisher stopped his business and therefor I lost my editor. As soon as that happened I knew exactly who to ask: Lee Thompson. However, I was nervous to ask him because I thought he might find this first book by a beginning author and written in a second language not good enough quality to work with. Not only did he take on my project, Lee, with his gentle and nice personality, respected the fact that my book was my baby and very emotional; he also kept on encouraging and supporting me in many ways way beyond his scope of duty. I am happy to work with Lee again this coming year on the fiction fantasy, “The Sisters of Serenah”, written by my daughter, Maika. E. Branch, and on the children’s book, “Em and Ed Alone in the Castle”, from my little writing student Isabelle Stewart.”

Lidia Branch, author Baby Jonah: The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom

“Those are excellent notes and as soon as I read them the issues you mentioned popped right out to me. I really think this will be a stronger story now. I am very happy I sent it to you to look at. Sincerely. As I said before, working full-time and having rejections as the only feedback I’ve been getting really does make it difficult to look at anything new in an objective way. Thank you very much.”

J. G.


“Beyond the Call was completely uncharted territory for me and initially was overwhelming. The loss of my dear brother-in-law in the Haiti earthquake while on a United Nations mission was still very emotional for my entire family. If not for Lee Thompson’s guidance, the book would never have made it beyond the idea stage. Lee guided me through the processes of finding a co-writer, formatting and editing, negotiating with printers and countless other requirements to self publish. Throughout the process Lee was patient, understanding and offered a wealth of insight. I have sold nearly 2,000 copies to every Canadian province and territory and several US states. Recently, again with Lee’s assistance, I had the book translated to French. The success of this project resulted in a significant donation to the construction of a school in Haiti in memory of my brother in law.”

Rosemarie Willis, co-author, Beyond the Call: The Life and Legacy of Mark Gallagher


“I was very pleased to have Lee look after the editing of my first book. His skill and observation were able to polish the work and eliminate contradictions in chronology avoiding a lot of potential confusion for the reader. Lee was very pleasant to work with as well as very thorough. It made the work a more enjoyable experience for the reader.”

George Griffin, author  A little House on No. 3 Hill


“This year I hired Lee to edit a novel of mine. He did a fantastic job, was very thorough, and his rates are very reasonable. Publishers look favourably upon work that is error-free; using Lee’s services gave me one less thing to worry about. Two thumbs up!”

Jason Lawson, author, screenwriter

“Not only did my novel benefit hugely from Lee’s editing, but it was a first-class learning experience for me. I’d recommend Lee to anyone who wants to have a really professional edit, and to enhance their writing skills.”

Zev Bagel, author “Bernie Waxman and the Whistling Kettle”

“Last fall, Lee graciously took on the challenge of editing my poetry, prose, and song lyrics, as well as sorting through my numerous photographs.  He proved to be completely reliable and efficient as we worked together within a very short timeline to complete my first book, Serendipity.  Although his editing is thorough, more important to me was to maintain the integrity of my pieces to reflect my voice and demonstrate the progression in my writing journey.  He was perfectly able to put everything together in a logical coherent order, illustrating creativity by blending poetry, music, and photography into one.  Lee is much more than a competent editor.  He is compassionate, personable and very easy to work with.  I highly recommend his services to others.”

Judy Savoie, author Serendipity

“I totally enjoyed working with Lee Thompson on a historical fiction manuscript. He was quick, accurate and broached the subject in a professional manner. The manuscript is presently being reviewed by a publisher. Lee’s substantial edit and superior skills helped move my project forward.”

Andy Flanagan, author