My Services, in Short

Hello there. If you’ve found me, you’re looking for an editor, or a book designer, or both.  I offer a variety of editing and writing-related services.

Manuscript Editing and Evaluation

For fiction and non-fiction manuscripts in all stages of development, from substantive edits of early drafts needing feedback to proofreading and minor copyediting on near-ready drafts needing that last bit of polish. More.

Writing Services

Copywriting and ghostwriting. More.

Book Layout and Design

Ideal for the those in the process of self publishing! A professional text layout will go a long way toward attracting interest in your book. More.


Have a book idea and don’t know what to do next? Let’s talk.

Nearly twenty years of experience.

My rate is $50/hour, though longer projects are negotiable for a flat fee. Wait times are commonly 6 week to 2 months for book-length projects, 2 weeks for shorter manuscripts.

My Reedsy profile:

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