I love to help writers take a project from a pile of “help me!” pages to a polished, printed, professional-looking book. Unfortunately a lot of writers don’t know where to start and end up spending thousands of dollars for ‘expert’ help. There is no shortage of self-publishing companies out there eager to take your money and then move on to the next in line.

I’ll take your money, too, sure, just a lot less of it.

I’m offering:

A copyedit of the material (includes some follow-up editing)
Professional text layout
A fine-looking cover*
A print-ready PDF file
And guidance on how to (and where to) self publish with a print-on-demand or professional printing company.

$600 if the book is between 50,000 –  75,000 words. If longer, or shorter, we’ll negotiate.
*The cost is reduced if you wish to hire you own cover designer.

Get in touch if interested!

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